PE Breathable Film


Breathable film is thin, micro-porous or monolithic film that is impervious to liquids (water/blood) but permeable to gases (water vapours). Due to the micro-pores structure, Breathable film provides an impervious barrier which blocks passage of viruses, Bacteria, Fluids & Particles.

The Structure of the film allows moisture vapours pass through resulting in
comfort to the wearer as well as providing the highest level of protection.

The main Benefit of Breathable Films is
i. Non Plastic Feel
ii. Very Soft Feel


Film Weight (GSM) : 10 – 40 GSM
Width : 70 – 2200mm
WVTR : 2000-5000 gm/m2/24hrs (ASTM E96-90)
Printed/Color : Up to 6 Color
Embossed : Micro & Deep Embossed

Breathable PE Film
PE Breathable Films
PE Breathable Films