TPE Monolithic Breathable Films


Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) films that are permeable to water vapor, or “breathable,” are finding increasing use in the medical industry.1–3 To meet this demand, a range of such films with chemistries based on ether-type soft segments and amide, urethane, or ester hard segments have been developed. They typically demonstrate the characteristic properties of ether-based TPEs—processability, elasticity, permeability, and strength.

TPE Film can be designed for lamination to technical textile fabrics. The TPE film serves as a barrier membrane to dust or bio-hazards such as blood-borne pathogens, while still allowing perspiration to escape—a process referred to as a water-vapor transmission rate (WVTR).

It is suitable for manufacturing a wide variety of protective apparel, surgical gowns, Drapes, Mask, Gloves, Permeable house wrap & Waterproof Apparel.

Film Weight (GSM) : 13 – 40 GSM
Width : 200 – 2100mm

TPE Breathable Films
TPE Breathable Films
TPE Breathable films